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Title:Jiangsu Suntop Traffic Equipments Co.,Ltd
Description:Jiangsu Suntop Traffic Equipments Co.,Ltd was founded in 1996,Website:, which is a comprehensive group company specializes in designing, manufacturing, selling and installing of various safety fence. The headoffice of group company is located in Zhonglou Developing zone, Changzhou. Its subsidiary is a municipal engineering construction company with daily production of 10 thousand meters, which have large-scale maufacturing base of fence covering an area of 150 acres, and a center of researching and trainning. It is also the first provincial high-tech corporation within the industry, the drafting company of industry-standard and the first company who produced Electrostatic spraying steel fence, woody flower box landscape fence, landscape lighting fence, smart fence, etc. Currently it is the only domestic fence manufacturer who bring in intelligent robot cutting, soldering, and fully automatic electrostatic spraying production line, and win 108 domestic patents and 3 international patents successively. Recent years, in responses to the developing demand of national intelligent city and transportation engineering, Suntop company has strengthen the efforts to technological innovation and succeed in developing intelligent fence. Intelligent fences boldly breakthrough the traditional maufacturing shackles, and achieve urban intelligent traffic via using internet of things technology as well as combining IT cloud transmission system. In July, 2014. Suntop passed tests for scientific and technical achievements organized by goverment departments such as committee of Jiangsu Province, science and technology department, the Ministry of Public Security Research Institute, National Institute of Chemical Industry, Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Nanjing University of Science and Technology as well as Research and development Institution.
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