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Title:Dental Vacations
Description:It’s hard to come up with a bigger oxymoron than “dental vacation.” I know. I just came back from one. It started over a year ago when my decade-old dental bridge failed. My dentist informed me that a pair of implants (basically elaborate anchors for false teeth) would be my best and final solution, but they wouldn’t come cheap, even with insurance. For reasons to complicated to go into, I ended up keeping one ailing tooth while I went through the long process of having an implant installed next to it. (In some cases this can take over a year. If the tooth that needs replacing is first extracted you must wait about three months for the area to heal. Then, after the implant is installed you have to wait six months for it to fuse with the bone before “activating” it with a crown. Should the jaw area require a bone graft, you can plan on even more healing time). Finally, after six months, $2,400 in dental bills (after insurance), I had one new tooth. I loved it. And I wanted, and needed, more. I realized I had to find a more cost-effective solution. Surprisingly, when I suggested “dental tourism,” my dentist was in agreement. When I started researching my options, here’s what I learned: Choose a Dental Destination as Close to Home as Possible This isn’t a requirement, but since a procedure such as an implant can take as many as three visits separated by several months, it makes sense to choose a destination you can visit often. For people living in North America there are several dental tourism options in Mexico. There is even a town, Los Algodones, across the border from Yuma Ariz., that has more dentists per capita than anyplace else in the world. For people driving from the West Coast, Tijuana is a popular choice. For people on the East Coast, Cancun is convenient. For people living in Europe a popular destination for dental tourism is Bulgaria. For me, Tijuana made the most sense. I live in Hawaii but I have ties to the San Diego area. Research Your Off-Shore Dentist Online
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